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06-Dec-2017 15:17

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Unfortunately, the girl broke things off immediately.“She worries very much for the mother-in-law relationship,” admitted Peter, with some chagrin.It could have been any other pile of clothing — pastel linen blouses, jeans with a flower pattern embroidered on the side, a silk robe in peacock blue, and more.But they were my the clothes of my sister-in-law, Da Sao, married to my husband’s eldest brother.Still, even among today’s married women in China, Chinese mothers-in-law aren’t unlike Chinese deities: something to revere and fear.

The Chinese mother-in-law (at least in ages past) had a reputation for being pretty demanding and difficult to please — after all, she had once been low woman on the totem pole as well, and had risen through the ranks to become mother, mother-in-law, and hopefully, grandmother.

On the other hand, daughters were tossed away in marriage to a new family, the husband’s, and must transfer their filial piety to the in-laws.

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