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I was in the Marine Corps, which was my reason for being at that location. Is there anyway that I can find out if that unit was there at that time? He passed away in the late '60's when I was 6 yrs old. Frog, Tood, Shepard were some of those in my company. He was a Seabee stationed in Newfoundland, Moroco, Korea, Spain, and of course Vietnam 66-69(2 tours).

the following info: i showed our arrival to Okinawa as August '67. Unfortunately I have very little information since all the relatives that were connected to him have passed on. Sincerely, Liz Lockie (Wylie)chachachik1 at 28te Naval Mobile Construction Batallion Company Bravo. I am retired Army, (1SG) and I am looking for information about my father, Carrol Eugene Simmons, EQCM (Ret). I know he was in NCMB 5 in Stationed at Port Hueneme CA. and was also stationed in Rhode Island, Jacksonville FL.,and Millington TN.where he eventually retired.

Lots of things I dont like to remember and have problems dealing with them so I dont bring them up or think about them. How can I get the unit number I ended up with after peace came? Date: January 03, 2011comment: I stumbled upon your site and have some pictures of my dad Oliver John Schenone (deceased) who was a CB around the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. name: Ron Battista email: ron.battista location: Marlton, N J 08053 Date: December 26, 2010 comment: I was a ship fitter 1st class and was transferred to MCB 128 in 67. Would also like to obtain his particular service record if it exists. Thanks and take care, Hartley Holte, USNA 1955 name: John R. My bothers and I have 200-300 letters that Daddy and Mama sent during the war. Another name Bill Galloway Include Danny Baer, Rick Huggett, OC Johnson - anyone know them please let me know. 53546 Date: September 15, 2010 comment: I was in the U. From there I went to MCB 10 Guam from 58 to Jan59 transferred to Barbers Point Hawaii and attached to Alf Bonham on the island of Kauai for the rest of my time. Also just heard that another buddy station there passed away in May Jack Sadle who spent 20 years in the seabees. All three of our wives were pregnant at the same time. name: Larry Triolo email: bufalo11 at location: St.

name: Dennis Saxton email: saxtonld at location: N St. On the way the 61st stopped in the Admiralty Islands, Solomon islands, and New Caledonia. I would like to here from anyone who served with my grandfather or any of their families. Lost my address book with all my buddies addresses. name: Michael Binney email: binneycpfd at location: Walla Walla Date: June 26, 2010 comment: I am researching usnmcb-4 72-75 for my father who was highly decorated for his services. Owen email: kiam at nz location: Christchurch New Zealand Date: June 16, 2010 comment: I was with NMCB11 and NMCB40 in vietnam . I went to Camp Pendleton for training and then to Okinawa. Attending "A" and "B" schools were a benefit for me during all my working life. Served in Camp Evans, Hue, Phu Bai, LZ Sallee, up and down RT1 on culvert sections.

Lookong to make contact with anyone back in the day. When we returned to Quonset Pt; I was assigned to The 21st NCR; and sent to Camp Fogarty as an Instructor. We lived in Orlando 35 years and moved to Titusville FL in Feb. I was drafted in 1954; had 13 weeks training deployed to GUAM in 1955 served there 18 months under an experiment, then deployed to PHILLIPINES. PASSED OUT AT THE BEE HIVE JUMP THE GULLY IN FORNT OF THE BARRAKS. Helped install the cruiser Biloxi mast in a park outside of Biloxi. where I made chief steel worker and served with chief Lyle Carpenter. 69 and regretted having to take it because ai served with a great bunch of bees. Thank you for your time and for your services to our country. Landing field that was under Naval station Barbers Point o'aho Hawaii.

In November the Bureau told me I was to old to re enlist. Served from 1957-1958 from there to Midway, Wake, Kwajalein, Hawaii; then back to San Diego then 3 months in a retraining camp to get used to civilian life. ANYONE REMEMBER THE CARD GAME WITH ABOUT 300.00 IN PENNIES? name: Eldon Mc Williamsemail: ekm2 at verizon.netlocation: Sudbury , MADate: January 15, 2011comment: DELTA CO. Sincerely, Bryan Kinter name: Hartley Holte email: hoholte at location: Annapolis, Md Date: December 09, 2010 comment: My uncle, Lawrence Ladoucre, (La Doucer) out of Deer River, MN was a petty officer Seabee and heavy equipment operator in the Fiji Is during much of WWII. Bjork email: stuart.bjork at location: Janrsville Wi. We did everything from plumbing to electrical, carpentry maintenance.

NOTE from Sheldon, [email protected] you make contact with old friends, shipmates, or whomever maybe you could drop us an e-mail telling us about it. I was also one of the original plank owners of the re-commissioning of MCB 74.

We do often wonder if this guestbook is effective in reuniting people. Would love to hear from any of the guys who served in MCB74 on its first tour of duty in Vietnam.

Flew into Khe Sanh twice to our detachment there during 1st deployment in 67, got fogged, rained, in, the airstrip was ripped up by mortars, so stayed a couple of weeks, got exposed to rabid dog along with 2 or 3 hundred other Seabees and Marines who played with the cute little black dog. I was a Crane operator in the Bee's serving in MCB 9.

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