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18-Sep-2017 04:45

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but they live streamed it so I was able to watch from my favorite place – the couch, maybe or maybe not with a glass of wine. And 15 minutes is the max amount of time you can be late on a date (if at all). The only problem with this is if you text right away, are they going to expect you to text them constantly from now on? It’s like, Sex Locations The best possible stat to come out of this panel was the #1 place singles want to have sex. Well, because it’s a fantasy AKA it will never actually happen. MEANING blondes do not actually have more fun (side note: they never did; brunettes are truly the most adventurous creatures). If you’re sitting there thinking HOW THE HELL DO MEN FAKE ORGASMS you’re not alone…

Being stuck in Boston, I wasn’t able to attend yet another fab event in my favorite city ()… or it’s a weekend) but Patti very boldly stated that she hates morning sex. So why are people so intrigued by having sex in public, crazy places. The Big O This might surprise you, but red heads have the most orgasms. As for faking orgasms, 72% of women have faked an orgasm and over 30% of men have too.

Millennials are 125% more likely to say they feel addicted to dating than older generations.

Moreover, men are 97% more likely to feel addicted to dating than women -- although women feel more burned out by the process (54%). Online dating has continued to increase in popularity, offering a new way to find romantic partners.

Here’s what I learned and my take on some of their responses: Meeting a Date The best place to meet a date is – surprise, surprise – ! I know I personally wouldn’t want to meet myself out at a bar, so that makes sense. Don’t start to freak out though if online dating isn’t your thing. Planning the Date 59% of singles think that the date should be planned together. If this was the case my extremely indecisive boyfriend and I (we’re actually the worst) would be on the couch asking “” on repeat for the rest of our lives. The three things most people notice first on a date are… I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve written off just because they used “u” instead of “you” and “2” instead of “two” in texts. And the best stat: More men than women imagine their future after a first date. I know come Friday (Valentine’s Day) I will hand my boyfriend a card and chocolates, and he will probably ask me what’s for dinner. And no matter what, you should always say thanks within 3 days of a date.

25% of singles still meet people through friends, as opposed to the 31% who meet dates online, so there hope for the old-fashioned mutual dating thing. AKA no more old school “the guy should plan the date” thing. No I don’t think the man should necessarily choose the date, but if someone has an idea they should throw it out there. One time a guy (who shall remain nameless) gave me a card for Valentine’s Day and spelled “there” wrong. I do think that men can be more sensitive with women, because they can’t act like that in front of their friends like us ladies… You never know if you’ll come in contact with this person again. Texting Texting is probably one of the most awkward things ever. I always wonder (and worry) how much sex everyone else is having compared to me. As for location, people in New York have more sex than those in LA, and Patti attributed this to weather.

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