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28-Jun-2017 12:28

He plays Dominic Badguy, who is in cahoots with Constantine, the evil frog. I thought only Meryl Streep was allowed to do fake accents. Anyway, Ty is American and he’s one of the stars of the hit TV show Modern Family. KERMIT: Tell us about your duet with singing legend Celine Dion. ”KERMIT: You got some big names: Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Sean Combs, Josh Groban, Salma Hayek, Celine Dion, Tom Hiddleston—just to name a few. So remember, everyone: come see moi in Muppets Most Wanted and I promise you’ll be surprised and delighted by all my famous friends! KERMIT: Celine, if you’re reading this, Miss Piggy is just kidding around. KERMIT: Yes—just trying to save The Daily Beast from having to issue a retraction. Right, well, that kind of brings us to the last question that The Daily Beast wanted me to ask you.

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I loved them all, especially if they’re voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. As of this post it is estimated that some 14 million people are using their Smartphones for what is called “location-based service dating” by the industry.Basically, just like if you are a fan of coffee, and your phone can alert you to a deal on two-for-one lattes at the Starbucks on the next corner, these mobile dating apps such as Meet Moi, can alert you when someone who matches your profile is in the area… Basically location based dating apps work just like online dating. If I actually hit her, there’d be no new season of 30 Rock.

Well, in any case, Tina and moi are now close personal friends and we adore each other.

KERMIT: Here goes: Tell us about your relationship with Kermit.