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20-Aug-2017 07:41

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Negotiate - I know it isn't easy for everyone to do, but you really can negotiate prices at retail stores on big ticket items like furniture. "I can get this item for X amount at your competitor, if you can beat that price I'll buy it here instead." If you can get it online, then take in the screen shot of the item's price online.

I've done this with appliances and have gotten Best Buy to beat the online prices posted at Home Depot. Unfinished furniture - If you have more time than money, you can buy unfinished furniture and then stain or paint it yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a particular piece of French antique furniture, or perhaps are seeking antique oak furniture to complement your existing interior decor scheme, then Online Galleries is here to help.

Not only do we have over 35000 antiques and historic works of art available for sale on the site at any one time, but we also provide an automatic alert service so that customers can be notified immediately when a new antique furniture item of interest is place for sale.

Or how about a plank over books or cinder blocks for an instant coffee table, for a shabby chic look?

Our best buys from estate sales were all wood, antique pieces that we used ourselves for decades.Most of our bedroom furniture has come from sales at a local wood furniture store. Watch for sales at retail stores and seize the day when you find a great sale.Years ago, a local retail store had a scratch card sales event.I just pay my kids to do that for me, but if you don't have anyone mechanically inclined in your household, then this may not be the best option for you. One of my sons and I are sensitive to formaldehyde, and even just walking into an Ikea store gives us headaches because of all of the man made products with chemical components.

I know other people may not be as sensitive to formaldehyde as we are, but perhaps we are like the parakeets the miners used to use to sniff out dangerous fumes.I like to buy healthy, non toxic furniture that is either solid wood, glass or metal at good prices.

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