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31-Jan-2018 20:07

Here it is elucidating to have a look in the first parts of the Secret History.Already early in the work, after the death of Temuchin's father Yesugei by poisoning, a convincing demonstration of female leadership is given.This had political consequences that bespoke what powerful status females had among the Mongols.A foremost example from the immediate post-Chingis period is Sorkhaqtani, the wife of Tolui, who is also known as the mother of Kubilai, Hulagu, and Mongke, who would in due time all become khans.A close reading of the Secret history even yields the impression that its later translators may have tried to downplay the role of woman by making the males more superior than they were.

Nevertheless it would be a major mistake to infer that the Mongol society of the 1200's was inappreciative of female wisdom and that women did not wield authority.This decision was naturally a result of the need to stop socially disruptive behavior, it may also be indicative of a desire on Chingis' part to establish a greater degree of equality between the sexes, if so it is a manner of thinking that lends weight to the supposition that the instances in Secret History where the female position is depicted as an excessively subordinate one may be at least partially attributable to masculinistic bias in the Chinese translators.

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