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More research is also needed to better understand why, where and what insects are disappearing and how they can be saved.

But one thing is already clear: The fate of the world’s insects is inseparable from our own.

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD NY Times: OCTOBER 29, 2017 There is alarming new evidence that insect populations worldwide are in rapid decline. Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex, a co-author of a new insect study, put it, we are “on course for ecological Armageddon” because “if we lose the insects, then everything is going to collapse.” The study, which tracked flying insects collected in nature preserves across Germany, found that in just 25 years, the total biomass of these insects declined by an astonishing 76 percent.

The reasons for the decline are not entirely clear — and only flying insects were collected, so the fate of crawling insects, for example, is not known — but the scientists suspect two main culprits: the use of pesticides and a lack of habitat in surrounding farmland.

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Arthur’s daughter Elizabeth is on the board of the Brooklyn Museum, where she endowed the Elizabeth A. Raymond’s sons, Richard and Jonathan, established a professorship at Yale Cancer Center.

Andrew Kolodny, the co-director of the Opioid Policy Research Collaborative, at Brandeis University, has worked with hundreds of patients addicted to opioids.

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