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I just don't understand why they feel the need to do that.'They're both young attractive people, what's wrong with the good old fashioned way?The most shocking incident in the documentary saw Katie walk home past her local pub only for locals to begin shouting anti-Muslim abuse at her, asking if she was going to blow them up.An outraged Katie was left visibly shaken by the incident, saying: 'That's what they have to put up with all the time don't they? Absolutely no harm.'And what did they [mean] about blowing things up and stuff like that? It just sickens me the stuff they've shouted to me but it's only a few days isn't it?Just because they choose to live their life differently to me doesn't mean they're any less welcome to be here.Just because a girl is under twenty doesn't mean she has to be a sweetheart.The 42-year-old was taunted in her hometown of Manchester by punters, including one who asked if she planned to 'blow them up', in the same week that a terror attack rocked the city.

By the end of the documentary she had become friends with her Muslim hosts, and was left convinced that white and Muslim Brits need to put on a 'united front' in the face of adversity and terrorism.

Meet somebody out, I like the look of you, can we have a chat, give us your number.'The documentary ended with Katie telling her mother about the experiment and revealed herself in her Muslim disguise.

Her mother began crying and said she was 'frightened' of her own daughter, saying: 'I just don't like it Kate.

As part of the documentary, Katie spent seven days living with with Saima Alvi, 49, and her family.

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Katie said she felt 'sickened' by the taunts outside the pub and viewers agreed those responsible should be 'ashamed'.

Her changed appearance made life difficult for Katie, who began experiencing abuse while out and about, particularly in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people.