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16-Jul-2017 03:49

Accurate, sexy, body-positive vagina emoji are here.

Today, Flirtmoji — the startup that showed off dildos, breasts, and booty-call icons last year — released what might be the most diverse set of vagina emoji ever designed.

Flirtmoji is currently working on a super-sized body pack that will feature "emojis of penises, vaginas, butts, boobs, and other beautiful naughty bits," the designers tell us.

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To find out how these vaginas came to be, These vaginas are incredibly diverse. So that's very much how we approached Flirtmoji and how Katy and I started drawing genitals.

And now you have these new designs — and some of them are pretty hairy. JY: It became possible, within our style, for one thing.

One of the things that Katy and I really work hard on is having a unified esthetic for Flirtmoji which comes down to the color schemes and the size of the strokes.

But a friend looked at it and said, "Well that's the one that looks the most like mine!

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" One that really stands out to me is the icon with the purple lips, right in the middle.

Whereas in the past, it was 2 pixels and in a 100-pixel icon that was not a lot of room to make something really hairy. JY: My personal favorite has a dark-pink clitoral hood, and a really lippy labia. Do you mean that one that — I want to say — is kind of flappy? Something about it actually became sexier to me, or easier to identify. I think it's the one with the purple lips and the orange buzzcut.

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